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Title: The Middle-Income Trap: Issues for Vietnam and other ASEAN Countries
Authors: Tran Van Tho
Keywords: Hội thảo Việt Nam học lần thứ 4. Tiểu ban 3: "Kinh tế Việt Nam trong hội nhập và phát triển bền vững"
Issue Date: 2012
Language: Vi
Abstract: The problem faced by many ASEAN countries is whether they can avoid the middle income trap and advance to the high income level. What are the conditions for them to avoid such trap?This paper attempts to offer an answer to this question by building an analytical framework on the factors which determine each development stage of an economy, and by comparing the current situation of four ASEAN middle income countries with the experience of Korea, the country succeeding in overcoming the middle income trap to reach the high income level in the late 1990s.
Appears in Collections:Hội thảo quốc tế Việt Nam học năm 2015 (lần thứ 4). Tiểu ban Kinh tế

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