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Title: Economic modernization in Vietnam: from industrialization to innovation stage
Authors: Vladimir M. Mazyrin
Keywords: Hội thảo Việt Nam học lần thứ 4. Tiểu ban 3: "Kinh tế Việt Nam trong hội nhập và phát triển bền vững"
Issue Date: 2012
Language: En
Abstract: Overall, at the present time we have evidence of two trends that powerfully alter the logic of social progress, namely economic globalization and the development of innovative economy. The first industrial revolution (i.e. the transition from an agricultural economy to a manufacture) and post-industrial revolution (in the form of transition to innovative economy) simultaneously take place today in different parts of the world. The first covers a large part of humanity or 75% according to A. Toffler estimation, and the second one covers only 15-20%.
Appears in Collections:Hội thảo quốc tế Việt Nam học năm 2015 (lần thứ 4). Tiểu ban Kinh tế

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