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Title: Economic growth and balance of payments constraint in Vietnam
Authors: Alberto BAGNAI, Arsène RIEBER, Thi Anh - Dao Tran
Keywords: Hội thảo Việt Nam học lần thứ 4. Tiểu ban 3: "Kinh tế Việt Nam trong hội nhập và phát triển bền vững"
Issue Date: 2012
Language: En
Abstract: Our paper applies a multi-country BoP constrained growth model to Vietnam for the period 1985-2010. We find that Vietnam grew less than the rate predicted during the entire period considered, but with different behavior for the 1998-2010 sub-period. The relative price effect is neutral, allowing the volume effects to dominate in setting the BoP constraint. The high income elasticities of exports enable growth in the advanced countries to have a multiplier effect on the Vietnamese economy. However, this effect is hindered by a high "appetite" for imports coming from Asia. We also assess the impact of the current crisis on Vietnam's growth for the period 2011-2017.
Appears in Collections:Hội thảo quốc tế Việt Nam học năm 2015 (lần thứ 4). Tiểu ban Kinh tế

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